Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Poquoson Public Library to meet the educational, information, recreational, and cultural needs of the citizens of the City of Poquoson by providing quality service as a multimedia center storing a wide range of information in printed and non-printed formats, thus enhancing individual and community life. It is within this context that the Poquoson Public Library provides a variety of electronic resources including public computer and free access to the Internet to all library users.

Responsibilities of Internet Users

Access by Youth

The Internet may contain material that is inappropriate for viewing by children. As with other library materials, the library affirms the right and responsibility of parents/guardians to determine and monitor their children’s access to the Internet. It is recommended that children age 13 or younger be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian while on the Internet seeking information. Suggestions on using the Internet safely and effectively are available in the library and on the library website.

Time Limits

All patrons wishing to use a computer will need to sign-up at the Circulation Desk. Computer use is designated for one hour sessions on a first come, first served basis. Time sessions can be extended if there is an unoccupied computer available.


Printing: All printed pages will cost the patron $0.10 per page. Donations to help defray the cost of printing supplies are encouraged.

Disk: Users may download files onto their own personal storage devices. The library is not responsible for computer viruses or for other damages that may result from files downloaded from the Internet.

Wireless Access

Unfiltered wireless Internet access is available to users at Poquoson Public Library. Wireless users agree to abide by the library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy. There is no time limit for wireless access during the library regular hours.

Failure to comply with the Poquoson Public Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy will result in the suspension or cancellation of Internet privileges, and in some cases, may result in legal proceedings.


By entering the Internet via the Poquoson Public Library, I have read and agree to the above stated provisions