The Assessor’s office appraises all real estate in Poquoson and interprets and administers all laws pertaining to assessments. This task forms the base of all real estate taxes which is a substantial portion of the revenue used to operate the City.

Tax Rate

City Council has set the tax rate for the new fiscal year (FY 24).  The new tax rate is $1.11 per $100 of value. If a house is appraised at $100,000 the taxes per year will be $1,110 ($100,000 divided by 100 multiplied by $1.11 equals $1,110).

Reassessment Value Notices

Each property owner receives a notice by mail biennially of his/her general reassessment value. Any property owner may request an appointment with the Assessor for a review of the values.

All new construction or other improvements to the property are assessed at the time they occur. The property owner will receive a notice of any change in value. These values may be appealed to the Assessor and if still not satisfied to the Circuit Court. The Board of Equalization sits only for General Reassessment hearings.

Governing Principles

The assessments/reassessments are governed by 2 principles:

  1. The value of a property has to be a fairly accurate estimation of the probable selling price, and
  2. The assessment should strive for equality of appraisal, that is, similar properties should have similar values. (Methods should not vary.)