Dog Tags

All dogs 4 months or older must be vaccinated against rabies and be licensed with the City. This program is a reflection of state and local laws to help control the spread of rabies.

Dog licenses are valid for 1 calendar year (January through December).

Purchasing a Dog Tag
A valid rabies certificate must be presented when purchasing a dog tag. You may purchase a dog tag by mail by enclosing a valid rabies certificate and a check covering the cost of the dog tag. The Treasurer's office will mail the tag to you.

The cost of the individual dog tags are $5 for male or female and $3 for neutered/spayed (please submit documentation from vet).

Kennel License

A 20-dog kennel license can be purchased for $25. A kennel consists of a specific place used for the breeding, boarding or keeping of several dogs. A valid rabies certificate for each dog in the kennel must be presented.