Adult Classes

Pistol Safety Course

Learn firearms safety, law and familiarization of handguns and ammunition, how to handle a weapon safely, and laws regarding use of firearms in self-defense. This one evening course  will cover many do’s and don’ts  for carrying a weapon for self defense.  As part of the course those students who wish to later apply for a concealed handgun permit may take a written test, and upon successful completion of the test,  a certificate will be provided that will allow you to apply for a Virginia Concealed Weapons Permit with the local court. No gun ownership required.   If you have a gun do not bring it to class until the instructor instructs you to do so. Class open to any age 21 or older. This course meets one evening. 
 Time: 6-9pm.  
Location: Municipal Building  
Cost per student: $55 residents/non-residents: $65   Each course limited to 10 students.

Instructor: Perry Bartels is a 22 year police veteran and firearms instructor. He is a certified instructor with the Virginia Department of of Criminal Justice Services. Must register 5 days in advance of the course.
Fall Dates:    December 11 #122

Tai Chi

Looking for a non-aerobic form of exercise which will improve your balance, reduce stress, and improve flexibility? Tai Chi may be the exercise for you. We are offering the Introductory Tai Chi Form
(9 Movements) in a 7 week series of classes.
This Tai Chi form is designed for beginners but will help more advanced students as well. The class will also include meditative breathing and Qigong, a series of powerful Traditional Chinese medical exercises to help maintain overall health.
Participants should wear loose fitting clothes & good walking shoes. For adults. All fitness levels welcome.
Location: Odd Road Community Center. Classes will be held Monday evenings 4:30-5:30pm
Cost: $57 residents; $67 non-residents
Instructor: Jack Fuller
A new session for this class will begin in February 2019.

Introduction to Pen & Ink Drawing

Ages 14 to Adult
Working with line drawings, we will build our designs from doodles and sketches to finished art pieces.
Exploring strokes, line consistency, pen control,
elements of shading, gradations, and techniques for
creating interesting textures including cross-hatching, stippling, and scribbling. Subject matter to include:
florals and botanicals, birds, and portraits.
Class meets three evenings
Dates: Mondays December 3, 10, and 17
Time: 7:00-­‐8:30pm Location: Municipal Building
Instructor: Holly Horton
Small Materials list provided at the time of registration so you can come to class prepared.
Cost: $28 residents/$38 non-residents
Deadline to register December 1. Program: #137

Holiday Glass Painting

Ages 13 to Adult
Learn to paint on glassware and
create your own holiday glass set or
make items for gift giving! Learn
several different holiday designs using
One Stroke Painting techniques.
Two glasses, two ornaments and two
gift bags per student will be provided and participants are encouraged to wear a smock or painting clothes. Bring your own glassware if you prefer.
Tuesday December 4 6:30-8:30pm Program: #113
Municipal Building Instructor: Kim Phillips
Register by November 30. Must have 3 minimum.
Cost: $36 residents/ $46 non-residents