What is the Board of Equalization (BOE)?
The BOE are property owners in the city that have been appointed by the local Circuit Court Judge to hear assessment appeals on behalf of the court. The BOE has full authority to raise, decrease or affirm assessments as per state laws and guidelines. The BOE is not associated with the City Assessor's Office.
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1. How do I appeal the assessed value of my property?
2. Who may appeal the assessed value?
3. What is the Board of Equalization (BOE)?
4. May I appeal my Property Taxes?
5. Does an increase or decrease in my assessed value mean that I will pay more or less taxes?
6. What is the deadline for filing an appeal?
7. Where can I get appeal forms?
8. What is the purpose of the Appeal Forms and why is there a deadline?
9. What kind of evidence should I provide for my appeal?
10. What happens after I file my appeal?
11. How are the hearings conducted?
12. What if I am not satisfied with the Board of Equalizations decision?
13. Should I wait until after my appeal hearing to pay my taxes?