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• Term Limits for Appointees:
In most instances the City does not have fixed term limits for City Boards and Commissions. One exception is the Poquoson School Board which allows for an initial three year term and up to two reappointments as per the City Charter, though traditionally members of the School Board have served no more than two consecutive terms. As a general practice it is the Council’s expectation that no City Board/Commission appointee shall serve more than three consecutive terms.

• Attendance Requirements for Appointees:
It is the Council’s expectation that persons appointed to City Boards/Commissions will attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the appointed body. The Clerk shall provide Council periodic reports on appointee attendance and the Council may consider any appointee whose attendance for regularly scheduled meetings in any given year which is below 75%, at its sole discretion, as having resigned his or her position to the extent permitted by law.

• Participation:
It is the Council’s expectation that persons appointed to City Boards and Commissions shall participate and vote on all matters properly before the appointed body, unless there is a legal conflict of interest which would require recusal.

• Chair Rotation:
It is the Council’s expectation that the chairmanship shall be rotated amongst the membership of the City Board/Commission such that no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms as chair, when practicable.

If you wish to be considered for more than one Board or Commission please submit a separate application for each.
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