Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services are available at both fire stations.  All of our career fire personnel are also trained to a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician.  Many of our staff are trained to the level of Intermediate or Paramedic.  Last year, we responded to over 1100 requests for medical service.

Each of our ambulances is staffed to the Advanced Life Support standards established by the State of Virginia.  Additionally, we maintain two Advanced Life Support Fire Engines to ensure that in the event of an emergency, any of our responding vehicles will have the abilities to provide the best and quickest care possible.  These Advanced Life Support vehicles and staff are able to provide such care as intravenous therapy, cardiac monitoring, medication administration, and much more.

Under the oversight of EMS, we have placed an AED in every public building in the city.  We also work with other city departments to provide CPR training for city staff.  The American Heart Association has proven that early access to defibrillation is shown to increase someone’s chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest.

Some of our staff have received specialized certifications to provide education in CPR/First Aid, EMT, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.  With the support of Poquoson Volunteer Rescue Squad, we offer classes in CPR and EMT, as well as continuing education credits that are available to career and volunteer personnel.

Medic 1 Side View
  1. John Young

    C-Shift Battalion Chief/EMS Officer