Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


The Poquoson Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is planning to hold a Basic Training class this fall. The course curriculum was developed by FEMA for citizens to prepare for various types of emergency situations. There is no cost for the training. The training will be held two times a week (Tuesday & Thursday) in the evenings at Poquoson Fire Station #1.

A final multiple-choice exam and simulation exercise covering knowledge and practical skills is included which is scheduled for a Saturday morning. We need at least ten participants to hold the class We are looking to conduct the training in November and early December. If we do not have the required number of folks interested, we will reschedule the training for January or later in 2023. For more information or questions please contact

What is CERT?
Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are community-based volunteers trained in disaster preparedness and emergency response.  In the event of a major disaster emergency services can be overwhelmed, leaving us to manage on our own.  Would you be able to take care of your family, your neighbors and help your community? 

Be Prepared!

What do CERT members do?

When a disaster occurs and responders are not immediately available Poquoson CERT can assist by: 

Conducting an initial size-up in their homes, workplaces, or neighborhoods 
Reducing immediate dangers by turning off utilities, suppressing small fires, evacuating the area, and helping others 
Conducting triage and treating life-threatening conditions 
Working with CERT members and volunteers to establish a command post, staging area, shelters and medical and treatment areas. 
Collecting damage information and developing a plan of operation based on life-saving priorities and available resources. 
Establishing and maintaining communication with responders.

CERT Training

People who go through CERT training have a better understanding of the potential threats to their home, workplace and community and can take the right steps to lessen the effects of these hazards on themselves, their homes or workplace.  The CERT Basic Course is provided to Poquoson residents 18 years and older. The training is provided by members of the Poquoson Fire and Rescue and Police Departments and certified Poquoson CERT member instructors.  Classes take place once per week for nine weeks and are usually held at Fire Station 1, Training Room, 1035 Poquoson Avenue.

CERT Basic Course Units:
Introduction and Disaster Preparedness 
Fire Safety and Utility Controls 
Disaster Medical Operations - Part 1 
Disaster Medical Operations - Part 2 
Light Search and Rescue Operations 
CERT Organization 
Table Top Exercise 
Disaster Psychology 
Terrorism and CERT 
Disaster Simulation Exercise

And CERT Training is FREE!

Why should I join CERT?
Your community needs you.  CERT is a positive and realistic approach to emergency and disaster response training.  Educate yourself, your family and your neighbors about preparing for emergencies.  Help yourself and your neighbors in times of disaster.  Strengthen your relationship with your community.