Public Works


Public Works is responsible for and oversees:
  • Maintenance of our City streets and drainage (12 Employees) - Responsible for maintaining 109 miles of roadside ditches (mowing, grading, and clearing blockages), storm drains, 21 miles of permitted tidal ditches and 54 miles of City owned roads
  • Traffic signals and street signage (1 Employee) - Responsible for updating, repairing, replacing street signage and signals
  • Right-of-Way construction inspections (1 Employee) - Responsible for inspecting City infrastructures, work completed within public right-of-way to include inspections of driveway entrances, concrete repair, pavement restoration/repair and utility connections/repair, as well as performs inspections of site construction and various other duties regarding Public Works.
  • Fleet Maintenance (3 Employees)
  • Solid Waste and Recycling programs (1 Employee)
  • Mosquitoes and Drainage (3 Employees)
  • Park Maintenance (3 Employees)