Household Chemical and Computer Collections

Poquoson residents (no businesses) may take their household chemical refuse to the Household Chemical Collection events sponsored by Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority (VPPSA). For information on when and where these events are held please visit the VPPSA website. Collections take place on Saturday mornings (8 a.m. to noon) from March through November of each year. This program is available to Poquoson residents; proof of residence is required. Please call VPPSA at 757-259-9850 or Poquoson Public Works at 757-868-3590 for additional information on the collection day schedule or for general information and restrictions.

Items collected

o Computers– desktop and laptop computers, servers, computer monitors, cell phones, computer wiring, desktop printers including multifunction printers or “All in Ones”, fax machines, and desktop photocopiers and scanners. Only the items above are accepted. 

o Household Maintenance – oil or latex paint, stains, solvents, glue, varnishes, adhesives

o Automotive – gasoline and other fuels, waxes, oil and gas mixtures, brake fluid, engine cleaner, tar remover Note: Motor oil and antifreeze are not accepted at most events. 

o Lawn & Garden – insecticides, weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers, pest strips

o Household Cleaning – oven cleaners, drain cleaners, floor waxes, metal polishes, bleach, degreasers, septic tank cleaners, toilet cleaners, jewelry cleaner

o Miscellaneous – charcoal fluids, dyes, kerosene, pool chemicals, photo finishing chemicals, rechargeable batteries, chemistry sets, fluorescent light bulbs including compact fluorescents (CFLs)