Landscaping Debris

Citizens are allowed one (1) free pickup per calendar year be it Bulk Debris or Landscape Debris each additional pickup will be charged accordingly. The additional collection fee is $60 per pickup for landscaping debris. Payment for each pickup must be received in the City Treasurer’s office before a pickup can be scheduled.

Landscaping debris includes small shrubs, tree prunings, and tree limbs 6 inches or less in diameter and 5 feet or less in length.

Unacceptable Items

Items that will not be picked up include:
Tree Stumps
Anything Plastic including bagged leaves
Anything Treated
Loose Leaves
Bulk Debris

If you have any questions, call the Public Works Department, 757-868-3598. Citizens may take landscaping debris from their yard to the VPPSA Compost Facility located at 145 Goodwin Neck Road, York County, at no charge. We do not pick up on private lanes, items must be brought to the City Right-of-Way.